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Toilet Brushes

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Disinfecting ToiletWand Refill Heads, Blue/White, 20/Pack

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LYSOL® Brand Bowl & Brush Caddy

Set at an angle in its caddy, this brush is easy to grab. The brush has a patented under-the-rim fiber extension design, and is made with long lasting fibers for deep cleaning. The fibers have been treated with an antimicrobial agent that provides continuous product protection against odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Anti-slip grip on the handle for extra cleaning control.
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Toilet Brush and Caddy, Green


Clorox® Disinfecting ToiletWand™ Refills

These disposable cleaning heads kill germs, remove rust, calcium and lime scale while they disinfect, deodorize and deep clean. Shaped so that you are able to tackle every stain and every disgusting growth under the hard to reach areas of the bowl rim with ease.
From $17.67