Thermal Imagers

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Artemis® Non-Contact Infrared Thermal Imager

Non-contact human temperature measurement system for abnormal body detection. Scan up to ten persons at a time for rapid screening, using infrared thermal imaging and high-definition visible light overlay technology. The system includes functions such as online temperature measurement, temperature alarm mode, and facial recognition. Applicable uses include airports, hospitals, transit stations, schools, institutions, commercial real estate, and any other densely populated areas. Specifically designed to help medical staff and security personnel improve the efficiency of epidemic detection, and build the front line of defense for epidemic prevention and control, with a response time within milliseconds, our accuracy remains within a tolerance of 0.54 deg F.
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Artemis® T1-CS-T1 Non-Contact Infrared Thermal Imager

A special infrared human body temperature screening device featuring multiple temperature measurement modes: high and low temperature auto-tracking, line temperature measurement and isothermal analysis. A 3.2" rotatable display allows for viewing at different angles and dual windows allow for switchable infrared image and visible light image. Boasts a measurement accuracy of +/-0.9 degrees. Other features include sound and light alarm, 40 seconds voice recording and motorized lens with auto focus. With a compact and lightweight body design and visible light function, this imager can effectively improve the detection of abnormal body temperatures.
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OneScreen™ GoSafe Octa-Core Processor Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Scanner

Prevent people with elevated temperature or no mask from entering your office, school, hospital or public spaces. This body temperature and facial scanner features a Qualcomm Octa-Core Snapdragon processor, which is faster than other processors equipped in similar devices. It accurately measures temperature from a distance of up to 3.2 feet. It offers live video assistance for real time entry approval. The management software that comes with the device has the ability to send email notifications and alerts to designated, authorized personnel. It comes with attendance management, blacklisting, employee management and visitor management features that can help companies effectively control the access of people entering or leaving the facility.
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