Rubber Bands

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ACCO Rubber Band Ball

Replace that tangled mess of ordinary rubber bands with the 3.25" rubber band ball. Assorted color bands are neatly wrapped around each other in a ball shape.
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Alliance® Antimicrobial Non-Latex Rubber Bands

Non-latex, antimicrobial rubber bands are made from synthetic rubber. The antimicrobial product additive inhibits the growth of fungi, molds and bacteria that can cause early product deterioration. The antimicrobial treatment permeates the rubber band, protecting it on all surfaces for its lifetime. This product does not protect users from food borne or disease causing microorganisms. Not for use on direct food contact.
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Alliance® Big Bands™ Rubber Bands

These 7" x 1/8" Big Red bands are ideal for organizing everything at home, at school or in the workplace.
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Alliance® Brites® Pic-Pac Rubber Bands

Just because you are grown up doesn't mean you can't play. Add some fun to your day with our Pic-Pac bands. They are color coded by size in a 1.5 oz. dispenser box and fit well in a desk tray.
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Alliance® Non-Latex Rubber Bands

Non-latex rubber bands are made from synthetic rubber and are recommended for home, school, workplace, government and medical facilities.
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Alliance® Pale Crepe Gold® Rubber Bands

Recommended for repeated application and for packaging pliable goods where a soft hold is most important.
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