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Matrix Magnets, Circles, Silver, 0.38" Diameter, 50/Pack

$62.96 $48.37

Push Pin Magnets, Assorted Translucent, 0.75" Diameter x 0.38"h, 10/Pack

$6.35 $5.86

Magnetic Characters, Magnetic, Red, 3/4"dia 20/Set


Quartet® Magnetic Characters

Great for use with magnetic whiteboards, bulletin boards or chalkboards.
From $0.00

MasterVision® Heavy-Duty Board Magnets

Magnetic accessories make building and maintaining your planning board easier. Arrange data easily and quickly when changes become necessary.
From $0.00

Officemate Push Pin Magnets

Handy magnets for a multitude of uses. Hold papers on filing cabinets, magnetic white boards and other metal surfaces.
From $5.86

Quartet® Matrix® Magnets

Post announcements, bills or visual aids on whiteboards. These magnets high-strength build provide sturdy placement of thick paper and card stock onto magnetic surfaces. Also suitable for marking, plotting line graphs and making DIY fridge decor.
From $48.37