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Sugar in the Raw Sugar Packets

Premium Turbinado Sugar is pure cane sugar. The sugarcane is cut and transformed into large amber-colored crystals that retain their rich molasses flavor and golden hue. Each packet contains approximately one teaspoon and has five grams of carbohydrates and 20 calories.
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Equal® Zero Calorie Sweetener

A single packet of Equal® sweetens the same as two teaspoons of sugar. It also dissolves quickly in hot or cold beverages, making it perfect for everything from coffee to lemonade. The sweetening ingredient in Equal® is called aspartame, a zero calorie mixture of two natural amino acids found in meat, milk, fruit and vegetables.
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Fontana® Flavored Coffee Syrup

Turn your kitchen into a coffeehouse. Flavored syrup for coffee, espresso or lattes. Same syrup used in Starbucks® coffee shops. Pump is not included.
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Flavored Coffee Syrup, Caramel, 1 Liter

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