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Food Containers

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Dart® Carryout Food Containers

High insulation keeps food hot or cold for transporting or storing. Secure closure. Performer™ perforated hinge allows lid to be easily removed.
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Genpak® Squat Paper Portion Cup

Squat paper portion cups are designed for durability with tightly rolled rim and box pleats. The tightly wound rim plus recessed base help prevent tipping or spilling on countertops. Ideal for dipping your favorite foods.
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Dart® ClearPac® Clear Container

Provides clear view of contents. Secure closure for fresh safe seal. Lightweight, stackable and resilient.
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GEN Foam Hinged Carryout Containers

Versatile foam containers equipped to handle varying food temperatures. Feature reliable hinged lid and secure lock. Cater to a wide range of carryout and storage needs.
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Genpak® Hinged-Lid Foam Carryout Containers

Keep food fresh and temperature controlled. Reliable wide-wedge and groove-slot closure ensures secure food transport and storage. Convenient one-piece, hinged-lid design simplifies putting together orders for delivery and take-out.
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Genpak® Foam School Trays

Adaptable foam trays are durable and secure enough for hot and cold foods. Their low cube design allows for easy shipping and storage. Ideal for cafeteria use. Great for separating foods so the meal is fresh and appetizing.
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Genpak® Microwave-Safe Containers

Plastic food containers made of textured, sleek and non-slip material are cool to the touch even with hot food inside. Microwave-ready and top-shelf dishwasher safe.
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Genpak® Plastic Hinged-Lid Deli Containers

Secure, 360° tight-seal closure minimizes the potential for leakage. Crack-resistant plastic shell provides excellent protection to various foodservice products. Large contents-check window helps enhance in-store sales while simplifying order delivery.
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Genpak® Snap-It® Vented Hinged Containers

Quality To Go® containers with venting to keep food from getting soggy. Equipped with Snap-It® closure for secure lock. Ideal for crispy or fried food and takeout.
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Glad® Food Storage Containers with Lids

BPA free containers and interlocking lids stack neatly to save space. These reusable, extra-sturdy containers seal in freshness and prevent messy leaks. Safe for use in microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.
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GW® Microwavable Food Box

Easy-to-fold, stores-flat box with integrated lid occupies an iconic position in the American carryout foodservice industry. Sturdy, coated paperboard keeps sauces and oils inside where they belong. Wire-handle-free design; microwave-safe.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Cold Food Pans

The commercial cold food pan, 1/2-size, is designed for temperatures ranging from -40-degree F to 212-degree F.
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