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2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

This two drawer lateral file, coming in a cherry finish, is the perfect addition to your office space. With two locking letter/legal file drawers, you will have that extra bit of storage space needed for those important work documents. This beautiful lateral file will help finish your Harding Collection office space off the right way!
$3,725.00 $991.91

2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Designed to add practical functionality and professional elegance to your office space, this two drawer lateral file cabinet is a storage essential. The height of this lateral filing cabinet ensures that it's a low impact addition to any part of your office. The spacious drawers will easily accommodate both standard letter and legal sized file folders. The durable design and construction ensures that this file cabinet will last for many years to come. The mahogany finish ensures that it pairs seamlessly with other OfficeSource pieces in your work space. The built-in locking system will offer you the security that you need for your confidential documents.
$2,656.00 $702.34

2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

This two drawer lateral file, equipped with one locking legal/letter file drawer and one legal/letter file drawer, is the perfect addition to your office space. Coming in a weathered dove gray finish, with mottled hardware, this lateral file is elegant. Create a unique environment by adding this lateral file from the Monroe Collection.
$2,254.00 $593.66

2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Looking for a little extra storage space for you office? This two drawer lateral file is your solution. Coming in a rich espresso finish, this two drawer lateral file will help organize your space in style. With top drawer locks included, you can also ensure your legal documents are secure.
$2,158.00 $573.41

2 Drawer Metal Benching File Cabinet - 30''W

Storing documents in a safe and secure place is one of the many concerns you can have when working at an office. Your important documents must be located in a place easily accessed when needed, but these documents must also be kept safe at all times for future use. To address these concerns, this two drawer lateral file cabinet from the Benching Cabinets collection by OfficeSource is here. You should consider investing in this file cabinet to get more office storage space. In addition to offering you practical solutions for your storage problems, this benching cabinet is also aesthetically pleasing. It comes with a built-in locking system to ensure the safety and security of your files.
$1,179.00 $312.19

2 Drawer Metal Benching File Cabinet - 30''W

When it comes to office work, a large portion of your time is spent sorting and organizing files. When left unsorted, files can become missing or misplaced. To help keep your files in one secure location, OfficeSource offers this stylish two drawer file cabinet. With perfect dimensions and a classic design, this item is a must have when it comes to buying and installing storage cabinets in your office. Since only high quality material goes into the crafting of this file cabinet from OfficeSource, it is bound to stay with you for many years, and this fact makes it an exceptional investment. This file cabinet allows easy sorting and ample storage capacity for your office files and documents.
$1,078.00 $285.19

Bookcase - 1 Shelf Benching Cabinet - 36''W

Whether you operate from a home office or have a conventional office setting, it is necessary to have a good storage space around your work station. This is why you should invest in this bookcase as an office storage solution. In addition to their typical storage use in workplaces, they can also be used at libraries or in office lounges. This bookcase by OfficeSource features a wide area where you can easily put your office supplies or documents. To add to the utility, there is also a separate shelf which is convenient if you want to keep certain documents or equipment separate. This bookcase is also quite aesthetically appealing; it comes in two finish options so you can opt for the one that complements your office setting the best.
$818.00 $216.00

Master Key

Securing items in your office is a problem for most, but with the current advances in locking devices, this is a worry of the past. However, it has given rise to the new problem of misplaced keys, resulting in a large amount of inconvenience. To solve that problem, OfficeSource offers a master key in their Lateral File Collection. In cases of emergencies, when an important document is needed immediately, and the file cabinets are locked with no keys in the area, this master key is bound to save the day for you. Invest in this master key by OfficeSource and decrease the chances of hassle during the office hours.
$39.00 $10.46

Core Key

In an office, one major concern is often security. Whether it is your personal belongings or official documents that need special security, this core key from the Lateral File Collection by OfficeSource is the perfect item providing you with easy office storage solutions, complete with security and easy access. Unlike the traditional locking systems, a core key allows lock as a whole to be interchanged from one lock type to another, without having to worry about disassembly or removal of a single component. These units can be adapted for master keying. This allows room for quick replacements with spare keys, and core options in case the security is compromised. Recombination options are available for extracted cores as well, and they can be separated and stored for future use. Invest in a core key to have all your office security concerns addressed.
$39.00 $7.09

3 Drawer Metal File and Dual Box Pedestal - 22''D

When safety and durability are a necessity, nothing beats a classic design. Solid in its construction and practical in its use, this metal pedestal from OfficeSource has all the features you would look for in a classic filing cabinet. The deep file drawers provide extra space for the storage of a large volume of records. The interlock system prohibits the extension of more than one drawer at a time. This file pedestal comes with locks to securely store your files and information.

2 Drawer Metal File and Box Pedestal - 22''D

The Metal Pedestals collection from OfficeSource features heavy duty steel frame mobile pedestals in your choice of two beautiful designer finishes. These pedestals are Greenguard certified for a healthy environment. They are small, yet very functional, and come with casters for easy movement from one place to another. The drawers come with heavy duty, three piece, ball bearing slide suspension for easy gliding.