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Double Pedestal Executive Desk

This double pedestal desk from the Harding Collection works perfectly in any office space. With four utility drawers with dividers, two locking letter/legal file drawers, one pencil drawer, two dictation trays, and wire management grommets, this desk is both practical and functional. Coming in a cherry finish, this desk adds sophistication to your space.
$8,609.00 $2,291.29

U Group Left

Do you want to configure your office in a creative and intelligent way, without consuming a lot of space? This U-shaped desk is an ideal integration of traditional mahogany desk and petite modish design. This desk will provide ample workspace so that you can complete your tasks efficiently. If you are concerned about organization, the smartly integrated storage cabinets will impress you thoroughly. Keeping your important files at an accessible range, the cabinets also enable you to have a neat environment. The gorgeous mahogany finish enhances the aesthetic appeal of the furniture dramatically.
$7,751.00 $1,940.29

U Group Right

Small spaces often result in the need to decorate the office with custom office furniture, but this U-shaped desk has been designed specifically to meet the restricted requirements in a creative way. Keeping the space efficiency in consideration, this desk offers an efficient file storage system. You can keep your crucial documents in the storage cabinets. There is ample space for keeping official documents, laptops, and more on the desk. This desk is extremely practical and enables you to process your work efficiently. The durable material will make it a lasting investment. The mahogany finish is resistant to scratches, spillages, and infestation.
$7,751.00 $1,940.29

Right Return Desk

This right return desk, coming in a weathered dove gray finish, with mottled hardware, is your solution for a unique desk with an antique feel. The desk comes with one drop front keyboard pencil drawer, two utility drawers, one legal/letter file drawer, and two wire management grommets, while the return is equipped with one drop front keyboard pencil drawer, one utility drawer, one pull-out printer tray, two AC outlets, and three USB outlets, giving ample storage and working space. This desk and return must be sold as a set.
$5,690.00 $1,504.91

L Group Left - 72''W

Looking for stylish workplace furniture, but coming up short on space? This functional desk will fit ideally in your small office. This 72" wide left L group desk is an excellent choice for small business settings. You can place your computer or laptops on one end, while keeping the other portion free for performing other crucial tasks. The mahogany finish adds an enticing classical visual appeal to the desk. The L design conserves space, enabling the desk to be positioned in corners, leaving ample room to walk around. A separate file storage system is also featured on both the sides of the desk, so you can keep all of your important files within range for easy accessibility.
$5,709.00 $1,499.85

L Group Right - 72''W

When you are looking for office room furniture for meeting space constraints, you shouldn't ignore the quality and durability of the furnishings. This stylish traditional right L group desk is perfect for integrating style with traditional furnishings to meet the modern-day office requirements. Small businesses often search for space-conserving furniture, and this desk will enable you to utilize your space efficiently and creatively. You can keep your monitors or laptops on the right return, and leave the other portion of the desk free for performing other essential office work, such as making notes, managing documents, and invoices. Important files can be stored on either side of the desk in the storage systems. Not only are the documents accessible easily, the storage also allows you to keep the desk de-cluttered at all times.
$5,709.00 $1,499.85

L Group Left - 66''W

This desk is ideal for conserving space if you have a small office. The L-shaped design enables the users to multitask hassle-free. You can place a computer at one end, and work on documents at the other. This desk can fit neatly in the corner, occupying minimal space. There is a file storage system at both the ends of the desk, so you can keep all essential documents within reach and keep your workstations neat. The mahogany finish breathes life into the office decor. This desk is an idyllic amalgamation of classical design, with a hint of modern day aesthetics. This lasting furniture is an investment that you cannot afford to miss when you are reconfiguring your office setting.
$5,536.00 $1,453.28

L Group Right - 66''W

Looking for solutions for decorating the workspace? This desk is perfect for small businesses that have restricted space, but a lot of storage requirements. Whether you operate your business from home, or have a small amount of room for adjusting furniture, this desk is an extremely practical option. Its traditional appeal is complemented by the petite modish design. You can work on your computer at one end of the desk, while performing other crucial job functions on the other. This desk also has smart storage solutions. The intelligent design provides storage space at either end of the L-shaped desk, so you can keep all important documents in close proximity without cluttering your workstations. This scratch resistant, mahogany finished desk will add a professional ambiance to the office and to make it an appealing investment.
$5,536.00 $1,453.28

Efficiency Double Pedestal Desk

This efficiency double pedestal desk is not just stylish, but it is durable and functional as well. Equipped with a drop front keyboard pencil drawer, four utility drawers, two locking legal/letter file drawers, and wire management grommets, this pedestal desk offers plenty of working and storage space, that will keep yourself organized. Coming in a cherry finish, this desk adds sophistication to your office.
$5,431.00 $1,447.54

68'' Double Pedestal Desk

This 68" double pedestal desk, coming in a rich espresso finish, is ideal for any office space. With a drop front keyboard pencil drawer, two locking legal/letter file drawers, four utility drawers, and wire management grommets, you have ample working and storage space, that will help you stay focused and comfortable for hours.
$4,780.00 $1,268.66

Double Pedestal Desk

The double pedestal desk from the Monroe Collection is your solution for an antique vibe and functionality. With one pencil drawer, four utility drawers, two legal/letter file drawers, and two wire management grommets, this desk gives you ample work space, while keeping you organized. Coming in a weather dove gray finish, with mottled hardware, this desk is your answer for unique style and elegance.
$4,525.00 $1,194.41

Conference Table

Looking for a conference table to match your new industrial office? Look no further than the matching conference tables in the Epitome Collection by OfficeSource. Choose a rectangular table or a square table to give you the look you are wanting. A matching bench is the perfect addition, and will help your space look great, while also feeling good. These matching conference tables also have the sleek metal framework and rusting finish that is on trend.
$3,568.00 $943.31