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Cash/Coin Wrappers

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Iconex™ Blank Kraft Currency Straps

Premium, bright white Kraft stock crisply and cleanly organizes your cash in pre-counted bundles. Quick-Stick adhesive. Manufactured and color-coded to ABA standards.
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Iconex™ Color-Coded Kraft Currency Straps

Organize your cash in pre-counted bundles with premium Kraft stock bands. Quick-Stick adhesive. Manufactured and color-coded to ABA standards.
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Iconex™ Dark Yellow Currency Strap

Mustard/white Kraft $10,000 currency straps are manufactured and color-coded to Federal Reserve and Aba standards. Quick stick adhesive for easy wrapping.
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Iconex™ Preformed Paper Tubular Coin Wrappers

Preformed tubular brown Kraft coin wrappers are color-coded to meet Federal Reserve and ABA standards. One end is pre-crimped for easy filling.
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Iconex™ Tubular Coin Wrappers

Sturdy, single-ply Kraft stock with a pre-sealed seam ensures both secure coin containment and easy point-of-sale cracking. Flat-packed rolls feature a convenient pop-open design. Color-coding conforms to American Banker Association guidelines.
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Pap-R Products Automatic Coin Rolls

1,000 feet of continuous, color-coded flat coin wrappers. Approximately 1,900 wrappers per roll. For use in automatic coin wrapping machines.
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Pap-R Products Currency Straps

Constructed of 50 lb. kraft paper. Self-sealing adhesive holds currency securely. Color-coded with capacity printed on each strap.
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Pap-R Products Flat Coin Wrappers

Color-coded heavy-duty kraft paper. Pop-open design for easy use. Can be filled by hand or machine.
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Pap-R Products Preformed Tubular Coin Wrappers

Made of heavy-duty kraft paper with one end crimped for easy filling. Features a double-wall of paper for extra reinforcement. Designed to work in all coin sorting equipment.
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